Private Education


Caring for someone with dementia is hard work. There are sleepless nights, doctor’s appointments, constant worry, stress, and caregiver burn out to just name a few. As a caregiver, it can be easy to become disoriented and lost and not sure where to turn for help. We at Life and Love with Dementia understand this and want to help you find your inner compass and get back on track.

What we offer:

  • We provide education on the disease process and offer a therapeutic recreational approach to helping you create moments of joy with your loved one.
  • Will provide resources in the community specific to your situation.
  • We will work 1:1 with you to create goals and interventions specific to your situation.
  • We will spend time with your loved one playing games, singing, gardening, or just talking with to give you time to do what you need to do in your home.
  • We will provide you with a much needed weekly break to relax and to just breathe.

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