A little patience…..

My husband is by far the strongest man that I have ever met. This man could hack off his leg with a chainsaw and would hop around on one leg going, "I'm good! I will just walk it off." You give that man a head cold though and he turns into the worlds biggest baby.... Continue Reading →

Negative Behaviors vs. Communication

  "The disease might hide the person underneath but there is still a person in there who needs your love and attention." -Jamie Calandriello I hate the term "negative behaviors" or even just "behaviors." Even without the word "negative" in front of it, it still sounds terrible. The definition of behavior, according to, is... Continue Reading →

Alzheimer’s Disease vs Memory

I once heard a family member say as they were leaving their father’s room in a nursing home, “If dad would only try harder...” What he was referring to was that Dad no longer was aware of who his children were anymore and this son, the whole family actually, thought that of their father would... Continue Reading →

Is it really selfishness…

"The ones that have a lot of dementia do not understand and they are very selfish like children it's me me me aren't very compassionate of others feelings." That quote above came from an online Facebook group dedicated to CNA's. It broke my heart to read it. What broke my heart even more is that... Continue Reading →

Let me introduce myself…

Seeing as how I am new to this whole blogging thing I probably should take a minute to say, "Hello." I am not looking to make money off my blog, nor am I looking for a get rich quick scam. What I am looking to do is to provide education, humor and companionship for those... Continue Reading →

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